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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Liberals: Anti-American and Close Minded

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The federal Liberals (as opposed to Quebec PM Jean Charest's provincial Liberals) are close-minded and anti-American. That's the conclusion I've come to after reading the latest newsletter from their Quebec youth-wing.
I had signed up for it a few years ago, prior to the sponsorship scandal, and it keeps coming to my junk box ever since. Usually it's the Liberals announcing some get-together, and telling me how great it would be if I spent x dollars to come hear some bobble-heads yada-yada. But this time... Whoa, this time...

The Liberals are organizing a "symposium in regards to the Canadian counteraction [sic] of American hegemony in regards to drugs. The symposium's goal is to realign the debate on drugs and to offer an alternative to prohibition."
Besides the obviously poor translation that speaks to the concern Quebec Liberals have for both of Canada's official languages, two messages come out of that. They are that:

1) The Liberal grassroots are as anti-American as many of the Liberal MPs. 'Hegemony' does not have positive connotations, needless to say.

2) The Liberals have some close-minded leadership. If it were really a debate, you wouldn't start with the preconceived notion that drug prohibition is bad. No, starting there just suggests you want to reaffirm your left-leaning dogmas and have a ball at the expense of those who disagree with you. They won't be debating, they'll be reacting to 'American hegemony'.

My message to the Liberals is this:

1) The Anti-Americanism is cliche, stupid, and entirely unproductive. Consider how Stephen Harper resolved in a few months what you couldn't do in several years: he resolved the softwood lumber dispute not by giving the American the bird, but by being open-minded and compromising. (Maybe that's also why he took power... the fiscal imbalance comes to mind. Oh wait, you don't recognize the fiscal imbalance.

2) If you want to renew your party, perhaps you might consider that having a debate whose starting point is not a clean slate means you're slanting the debate. You won't renew any philosophy that way, you'll just become more stuck and close-minded in your beliefs.

You can write these bumbling morons at '" and pass it on. Oh, and if you're surfing porn before or after this, you may want to consider letting their email be spammed instead of yours...

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