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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Carnival of the Crazy; New Politics Club Members

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I'd like to invite you to check out a few new websites that we're teaming up with. The first hosts the carnival of the crazy, the others are centrist blogs. One of them discusses - get this - art, NYC, and... Polish Corean [sic] diplomacy.
The entertaining File it Under 2.0 hosts the Carnival of the Crazy, about shocking truths in politics that are sometimes difficult to believe. For example, we submitted our post about the media's declining body count on Darfur. Check it out: Carnival of the Crazy 21.
The Pole and his Corean girlfriend are blogging over at Poland-Corea Relations.
Other interesting moderates and centrists you would do well to read are:
Fearless Philosophy for Free Minds. Absolutely brilliant, erudite analysis. Try and argue with him, I dare you.
Donklephant. He ain't a Dem, nor is he a Republican. He's a genetically modified political activist.
Dr Sanity. She's actually a right-winger, but she writes so well and with such precision and clarity and logic, that I figured she would interest those of you looking for a little variety.

You can be part of a carnival too. Just check out the carnivals we host: Mediocre Media and Moderate Circus.

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