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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Liberals Create Renewal Commissions

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The Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) is creating what it terms renewal comissions to help give the party a new direction and vision. Including MPs and grassroots militants (sorry, the mainstream media got me there... I meant to say 'activists'), the commissions are the Liberal party's answer to the Canadian Policy Wiki - an interactive way for Canadians to get involved in formulating policy.

"The goal [...] is to reach out to [...] Canadians across the country. This is especially important as we are faced with a leadership contest and need to be election-ready within a very short time period," said Mr. Michael Eizenga, the Liberal Party's President.

"Public policy work done by the Renewal Commission task forces will serve as a catalyst for discussions of policy process leading up to the Leadership Convention in Montreal in December."

Personally, I think this is a genius stroke from the Libs. They're integrating 'user generated content', as modern Web specialists call the interactive participation, into their traditional political structures and will likely come out strong as a bull pumped up on steroids if these commissions are run well. A sincere 'Bravo' to the Libs. If of course, they're being honest...

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