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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Deadly Antisemitism - The Pattern

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Antisemitism, whether Nazi of Islamist, follows a pattern, and is dangerous not only to Jews, but to the West as well...
By Yisrael Ne'eman of Middle East on Target. Reprinted with permission.

As much as many would like to deny it, there is a pattern to radical anti-Semitism and the demand for Jewish extermination.
Foremost, it is a public demand made by those in power who see Jewish destruction as part of policy implementation. At the outset, Jews "simply" suffer a "well deserved" discrimination. Once the antisemites consolidate their power, the Jews are the first to be destroyed.
Whether Nazi or militant totalitarian Islamic, both anti-semites see themselves as divinely anointed to rule the world. The Nazis believed in a "ladder of peoples," where they ruled the hierarchy while the totalitarian Islamists pursue a global conflict to destroy all non-Moslems or subjugate them[, a conflict] known as Dar el Harb or the "domain of war."
Afterwards, other "enemies" such as advocates of democracy, equal rights activists or anyone else who gets in the way will suffer the same fate.

Christian antisemitism, culminating with Nazi Germany and the Holocaust was rooted in 2000 years of hatred. Theological hatred began with accusations of deicide concerning Jesus of Nazareth and moved to the popular demonization of the Jews as the devil incarnate capable of child sacrifice, blood sucking and any multitude of sins. Yet they were still tolerated. Eventually "scientific" thought resulted in Nazi racial theory whose logic demanded the destruction of the Jewish gene pool and thereby the extermination of all Jews. Conversion to Christianity was not an option.

Islamic anti-Semitism is 1400 years old (and let’s not get hung up on semantics – anti-Semitism = Jew hatred – and nothing else). From the outset, Jews were classified as dhimmi, or second class citizens, who were forced to recognize Islam as a superior religion and way of life. Although the accusation of deicide did not exist, Jews were looked down upon for having rejected Mohammed as the prophet or messenger and would "rightfully" pay a heavy price for such haughtiness. Today, militant, totalitarian Islam as represented by Osama bin Laden's Al-Qaeda and Iran's President Ahmedinejad demand the destruction of the state of Israel and the Jewish People.

In both cases the despised Jews were often separated out of general society, placed in ghettoes and made second class citizens or less while being subject to pogroms. Centuries of inbred economic and social discrimination handed down from one generation to the other made Jew hatred a "given".

It is on such fertile ground that Hitler wrote his chapter "Nation and Race" in Mein Kampf where he demanded the liquidation of the Jewish People. After being democratically elected as chancellor, he liquidated German democracy, continued vilifying the Jewish People and implemented the Final Solution. Although Germany and Austria were the pillars of the Nazi nation there was little opposition from Eastern Europeans, who detested the Jews after centuries of institutionalized anti-Semitism. Exterminating Jews was a logical extension of a deep rooted theological, popular and economic Judeophobia.

In Mein Kampf he accuses the Jews of being communists, capitalists, democrats and of setting up organizations like the Free Masons to undermine German society while lauding the viciously anti-Semitic Russian tsarist forgery The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Both The Protocols and Mein Kampf are best sellers in the Arab/Moslem world today and the above mentioned accusations are prominent in totalitarian Islamic diatribes (see Articles 7, 22 and 32 in the Hamas Covenant). Hitler's first thought was to expel all the Jews but once he invaded Eastern Europe he decided on extermination.

According to the minority status discriminatory dhimma regulations Jews cannot be equal members of a Moslem dominated society. The rise of secular Arab nationalism in the 1950s was to rectify such prejudices but failed as Jews suffered persecution for who they were. Approximately a million Jews were expelled or fled the Arab/Islamic world, most coming to Israel.

But Israel is located in the center of the Middle East and Jewish national equality, or sovereignty, was and is an affront to the Arab world [Ne'eman mean they take it as an insult; not that it is meant to insult]. Nowadays, just Jewish existence is a crime, especially to those totalitarian Islamists of the bin Laden and Ahmedinejad types. This is not a matter of anti-Zionism. Ben Ladin demands the death of all Jews and Ahmedinejad threatens Israel with nuclear extermination. These two are heroes in the Arab/Islamic world.

Hitler was a hero to "ethnic" Germans in Europe but gained allies among the political elite in Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, the Ukraine, Croatia and the Baltic countries. Popular support, especially for murdering (or at least doing away with) Jews was solid in Eastern Europe. Totalitarian Islam rules in Iran, Sudan, for the most part in Saudi Arabia and the Palestinian Authority and threatens regimes in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Algeria, Iraq and the rest of the Arab/Moslem world. Jew hatred is a priority even if the Jewish presence does not exist (except for a few thousand in Morocco and in Iran itself).

The World Jihad Movement includes the Iranian ayatollahs, the Moslem Brotherhood, Hamas and all other militant, totalitarian Islamic organizations. Popular support for them is rising as the West tries to negotiate and [eventually] capitulates in a rerun of 1930s policy. On this Holocaust Memorial Day Ahmedinejad once again denied the Holocaust, demanded Israel's destruction and made a pitch to Germany not to take responsibility for "what they did not do" sixty years ago.

Militant, totalitarian Islam is no less threatening to the Jewish People and the West than the Nazis were seventy years ago.

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