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Monday, April 24, 2006

Montreal Habs up 3-0 After One Period - Update: Habs Win in Double OT

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Go Habs Go! The Montreal Canadiens are in a controlling lead 3-0 over the Carolina HarriedCanes. Goalie Martin Gerber was pulled from the net after the third goal, which was a shot from the point that appeared to deflect in the slot. I believe Garth Murray was credited for the goal. Ryder scored the second one, and I missed the first.

The Habs are keeping the pressure on the Canes, and the puck stayed in the Carolina zone for long stretches. On the other hand, this may have tired out the Habs just as much as it tired out the Canes, because the Habs didn't always have three-four men at their blue line to meet the Hurricane attacks.

Anyways... any optimists like me calling Habs in four?

UPDATE: The Canes took the lead 4-3, we tied then took back the lead 5-4, on goals from Kovalev and Zednik. A minute 30 left to go, the HarriedCanes have 6 men (the goalie's been pulled), face-off in the Canadiens zone. Cane wins the faceoff, there's traffic and Huet doesn't see the puck moving cross-ice, so the one-timer surprises him glove-side. 5-5.

UPDATE: Well, they made it hard on themselves by letting the HarriedCanes climb back into the game, but the Habs finally did it. In the second period of overtime, on a developing rush, a fast pass from behind the net sees the puck end up on Michael Ryder's stick: 6-5! Habs win in double OT! :D

In hindsight, it might have been lots simpler if Martin Gerber had stuck around for longer.

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