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Monday, January 30, 2006

Politics of Hockey

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It's time for some politics everyday Canadians actually care about. I mean, of course, the politics of hockey.
This post is gonna keep it simple, and for those of you begging for me to get back (thanks mom), I'm still not back full time.
The Politics of Hockey ...
a) Why the hell did the refs stop calling anything besides a blatant stick to the buck teeth since, oh say, late November?
b) Why is it that CBC airs Leafs games instead of Habs or Sens games? The Habs at least won a few early on, and believe it or not, there are people here in La Belle Province who want to watch hockey with Enlish commentary. The Sens are always winning (newsflash/surprise of the year), and definitely offer more exciting hockey. And don't tell me ratings, cuz this is publicly funded; profit's no motive, and for every Leafs fan there's two Leafs bashers. Why can't the CBC split the country for when two teams are playing in two Canadian markets both teams can watch their home game instead of one game going to PPV (and it's always the (usually) more exciting NON leafs game that is bumped)
c) Don Cherry does as much for Separatism as the Liberals. Why does he get to stick around when he pisses off at least 1/5 of our nation (Quebec = 7 m ppl. Canada = 31 m. 7/31 = .22), to say nothing of European immigrants? I say this, and I happen to like his suits.
d) Why can't the CBC broadcast any NHL game other than the Leafs in HD. I much rather watch the Habs or Sens in HD on the first game then watch the Canucks in HD in the second game - CBC has refused to show any games in HD.
Damn politics

Note: I (Andrew) edited this one a little bit, a few more grumblings about the CBC. I've also created an HNIC page over at the Canadian Policy Wiki @


At 2:53 p.m., Canadian Politico Blogger Kerry said:

I also wish Montreal games were broadcast more often. The only way I, a transplanted Lavaloise, get to see my boys play is against the Leafs, which usually results in disaster. (But not this past Saturday -- burn!)

At 10:19 p.m., Canadian Politico Blogger lecentre said:

That's right! Down with the Leafs on CBC (or just in general? ;))
Where are you transplanted to? I hear there are lots of us Quebeckers out west...


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