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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Pro-Terrorism Demonstrations Caught On Tape in US/UK

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Hi all,
First of all, thank you lecentre for the warm welcome and the compliment. This is my first time blogging, so bear with me...
While browsing old lgf ( ) posts, I stumbled onto an interesting but shaddy website (xfile-like music and all), claiming to be a private counter-terrorism intelligence agency, able to work internationally and free from bureaucratic red tape. Despite this odd description, the people behind the agency (at least the ones that are named) seem to check out - they're both respected investigative journalists and authors, having covered terrorist networks for mainstream media for many years. The site is called 'Nine Eleven / Finding Answers' and can be accessed at
On there, amongst other things, there are two spine-chilling videos of demonstrations that were recently held by Islamic organisations in London and New York.
The London one is here:
The New York one is here:
Makes me wonder about whether there should be limits to freedom of speech... Calling for another 7/7 or a 'mushroom cloud' is considered incitment to violence in my book, and if I were a cop, I'd arrest them for it. Notice also the green army garb...

UPDATE: BBC ( ) is reporting that two people have been arrested, one since released on bail, for illegally organising the London demonstration and for soliciting murder. The NYPD should have reacted in the same way...

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