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Friday, May 26, 2006

Green Party's May: Run a Full Slate

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Green Party of Canada leadership contender Elizabeth May has denied speculation that she would not run a full slate. May says she intends to continue current the Green Party policy of running a full slate of candidates in all of Canada's ridings. She also says that electoral strategy is not the party leader's prerogative, which suggests that if the grassroots doesn't want to run a full slate, the Greens may yet revert to pre-Jim Harris policy.
This will bring comfort to many in the Green Party grassroots (pardon the pun). Had May not run a full slate, the Greens would have faced a constitutional crisis.

May's rival for the leadership spot is David Chernushenko. Green bloggers such as Sudden Sage have favourably compared her campaign's PR strategy to his. It is more media-savvy, and carries several big name endorsements. Former CBC host and environmentalist David Suzuki is quoted as saying it is a good thing she is in the race (though it doesn't explicitly state support, which suggests either that May and co. didn't cite the right part of his speech, or else they are trying to cultivate an incorrect notion in people's minds). Quebec Green Party lieutenant Claude William Genest is also named as a supporter.

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