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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Harper's Appointments Commisioner - Quip of the Day

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PM Stephen Harper scrapped the idea of an appointments commission in light of strong opposition from, well, the opposition. The opposition's problem wasn't with the idea, but with the candidate, because he said that much violence and drug has come with Carribean immigrants... Anyways, small-time partisan politics aside (I think Harper just wants to make them look bad on ethics, and they want to make him look bad on tolerance), the funny stuff is in what they said, and what it sounded like:
From CTV's coverage:

Nash, a Toronto MP, told Morgan: "You said and I quote: 'The social side is too evident with the runaway violence driven mostly by Jamaican immigrants in Toronto'."

Morgan denied he was intolerant, saying: "We basically love the Caribbean.We tend their churches. In fact, in January we were at an all-black church."

Those of you with a quick mind probably see where I'm going with this:
"We love the Caribbean... [Thought bubble: "We love it... My wife and I cruise through it at least once a month!"]

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At 12:20 AM, Canadian Politico Anonymous David said:

Alberta whre Morgan lives has the second largest concentrations of blacks besides Ontario.

That may not be too well known. Edmonton has a huge Carribean festival - 2nd to Toronto's. Not just blacks from the Carribean - many Africans and a larger and larger number of Sudanese refugees.

So - most Albertans don't think of people by colour or race or ethnic background -they are just our neighbours or coworkers or doctors, or whatever.

The only time "race" or "origin" is rally an issue is when they congregate in gangs that are based on race - Aboriginal, or Oriental or Jamaican or Italian.

Is it any different elsewhere in canada?

At 8:11 PM, Canadian Politico Blogger lecentre said:

Well stated.
I'm not certain, but did I imply otherwise?


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