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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Liberty Carnival 44 - Life Liberty Property

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The carnival of liberty is on at Robot Guy. The round up on liberty includes censorship of the media, criticism of the media, a fair tax plan, and something akin to modern day crusades, whereby Muslims who have converted to Christianity are being threatened by other Muslims. This time, though, it's not in Afghanistan, but in a Western democracy. Makes me laugh at the people who asked how we could support the Afghan government when similar stuff happened there.
Check out the 44th carnival of liberty at Robot Guy's.

You want to know what a carnival is, and how you can get attention fr your site by participating in one? Well, we have a carnival information page that also lets you participate in the carnivals we host, Mediocre Media and Moderate Circus, respectively about media criticism and promotion of moderate viewpoints.

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