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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Carnival of the Insanities reaches Legal Drinking Age

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Doc Santy's got another top quality edition of the carnival of the insanities up. We're now at edition 21, or legal drinking age in the States. Topics of the newly adult carnival include immigration, the official 'shitlist' and other relevant current issues.

Just before linking, I'd like to explain what carnivals are, and offer you the opportunity to participate. A carnival is simply a blogpost on a specific topic, where a variety of bloggers submit posts on a topic, (in this case, insane happenings and things taking place in real life politics) and the carnival host creates a post linking to the submitted posts, and describing them. That said, you can participate in CCP's Mediocre Media and/or Moderate Circus carnival, or other people's carnivals. Here's how to participate in our carnivals (or others for that matter).

That said, check out the carnival of insanities:

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