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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

US Bi-Partisan Centrist Ticket: Unity 08

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"Just as Linux lets users design their own operating systems, so 'netroots' politicos may redesign our nominating system," according to Jonathan Alter of Newseek.

A new American political group is looking to revolutionize the way Presidential candidates are selected by moving primaries online. The primaries are the regional voting sessions where the Americans pick their party candidates, and usually the main decisions are made in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Unity 08, as the centrist group is calling itself, is a group founded by "three veterans of the antique 1976 campaign," Alter writes. "Democrats Hamilton Jordan and Gerald Rafshoon helped get Jimmy Carter elected; Republican Doug Bailey did media for Gerald Ford before launching the political TIP SHEET Hotline."

The trio intends to bring the primaries to the Internet with

The idea is simple: have people call/email/vote online to vote for their favourite candidate. Same principle as American Idol. The goal is to avoid giving the extremes the power conventional primaries give them, and to empower the middle.

I love it!

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