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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Canadian-Politics on Canadian Politics: Jo McNair Interview on the Environment

Save this online in [?] Vote For this Post's Jo McNair recently granted us an interview in which we discussed the various aspects of Canadian Politics. This is the concluding segment of that interview, covering Jo's opinions on the state of Canadian politics' debate on the environment.

The Environment

It's time to stop ignoring the issue of climate change. So the Liberals were all talk and no action - that's no excuse to continue the trend. There are countries that are not only meeting their Kyoto targets, they're surpassing them. Sweden is going a step further by aiming to completely wean itself off oil within 15 years.

We need a government willing to start making tough decisions. Whether or not they believe in the whole global warming thing - another reality we can't ignore is the fact that oil is a finite resource and we're probably already past peak oil. We have to find alternatives - now.

I'd like to see a government introduce environment-friendly tax measures. For example, smart cars and other hybrid vehicles should be tax-free, and i'd even throw in a substantial tax credit. On the flip side of that, SUVs and other gas guzzlers should be nailed with massive green taxes that would go to fund green ventures. Contractors who use green technologies such as solar panels, geothermal heating, etc. should get major tax credits, as should people who buy such homes or renovate existing homes to use these technologies. The tar sands projects in Alberta should be stopped - the environmental impact their having is serious.
These are just a few off-the-top of my head examples - I'm certain there is plenty more that can be done.

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