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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Mediocre Media 7

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Welcome to Mediocre Media 7! As always, we're taking submissions for the next issue, due out in a week and a half. Here's the info on the carnival. You can submit via the Cat's carnival page (scroll down, and select Mediocre Media).

Stikguy at Stiknstein has no mercy presents CNN HEADLINE 13th day of fighting....wait a minute.

Don Surber at Don Surber presents LAT: They do such lousy work, give them a raise.

Kiril, The Mad Macedonian at Sneakeasy's Joint presents The Jabberliberal. It's an unusual poem about the mediocre liberal media, and about how a new right-wing radio group is going to set things right.

And here's my own contribution: LeCentre at Centrerion Canadian Politics presents Israel, "Restraint," "Proportionality" and "Measured Response". It blows up the mediocre media's argument for a "measured" response and "restaint."

Since submissions for this issue of the carnival are admittedly a bit thin, I decided to roundup some other interesting articles and posts around the net. Also, I want to make some comments on the media.

First, I've been so sickened by the anti-Israel bias in Montreal's La Presse, that I've actually stopped reading the news in the morning. For someone like myself who loves reading, that's really saying something.

Besides that, I'd like to mention some great places for political commentary, and that also comment on the media. These include Shark's Blog, New York Times Watch, Robert Stevens on Reuter's doctored photos, News Busters (who got hate mail from a CNN anchor!), Biased BBC (who comments on their incredible use of language) and Ace of Spades, who was involved in outing Reuter's photographer.

Last, but perhaps most importantly, I need to acknowledge the work of Charles Johnson. The Little Green Footballs blogger exposed the use of Photoshop on some pictures of a bombing raid on Beirut. Reuters has since pulled the image and issued something of an apology.

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