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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Lebanon Ceasefire: Israel Gets the Shaft

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The ceasefire in Lebanon is total garbage. Kofi Annan's UN has conspired to protect a terrorist, genocidal group, once again. (Recall that Kofi was in charge of the UN's force that was supposed to peacekeep in Rwanda; he prevented Canadian general Romeo Dallaire doing his job.) Israel has gotten the shaft, as it neither destroyed Hezballah, nor succesfully disarmed it, and assuredly neither the Lebanese army nor the cynical joke that calls itself UNIFIL will disarm Hezballah either.

Furthermore, Israel hasn't gotten its soldiers back. The oft-repeated 'we just destroyed the last bridge to Syria' suggests, unfortunately, that the terrorists had the ability to get them out of the country for a while.

Iran and Syria are undeterred. Israeli soldiers have died. Israel's military might has been shown to be useless in the hands of wishy-washy leaders (whom I sincerely hope lose the next election to Bibi Netanyahu).

It feels to me that the US pressured Israel to stop fighting, in order to repair its own relations with France. Furthermore, the useless UN resolution is a symbol of acknowledgement to an institution that deserves no such recognition. Its only purpose in life is to serve the interests of regimes like those in the Middle East and in China, and to give an entirely undue feeling of self-importance to buffoons like the French. (How else do you describe a group whose foreign minister called Iran's terrorist regime a stablizing force in the region? Before retracting himself a few days later? )

The only marginally positive things I see in the whole episode are that
1) Civilian populations will have got the message that they'll suffer if they support and protect terrorists, and
2) Stephen Harper is a courageous, pro-Israel leader, whose stance will hopefully help the CPC win this riding, come next election.

I was speaking to my friend AbbaGav and he made the very valid point that this whole thing is useless. What it was all about from the start, namely disarming Hezballah and assuring Israel's safety on its northern border, has come to naught.

I can't wait for Kofi Annan to resign (December). This Lebanon ceasfire is real nonsense, and Israel got the shaft.

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