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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Ad Space

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Advertise to Canadians on Centrerion


Centrerion Canadian Politics gets 1500 visits a month minimum, with some months seeing up to 2500 visits. 45% of our readership is Canadian, and another 37% is American.

Centrerion Canadian Politics ranks second to fourth on Yahoo for the term Canadian Politics. CCP also ranks on both Google and MSN's second pages of search results for Canadian Politics. The blog has a PageRank of 5 and is fully indexed. Advertising here should help improve a site's rankings in the search engines.

In short, advertising here:
- presents the opportunity to reach a politically enclined community of North Americans;
- simultaneously helps improve search engine rankings by providing a link to your site.

Rates are $15/month, or $100/year regardless of traffic. A minimum 1500 unique visits are guaranteed, or you'll get another month's advertising free!

Contact with the subject line "Centrerion Ads" to buy ads here today!

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