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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sharing Quip of the Day

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A friend wrote this piece of brilliant advice recently:
"At a wine and cheese the trick is to position yourself in advance next to the good wine and the cheese that's available in the smallest quantity (this usually means it's the most expensive). Stay there, loiter, and only speak when confronted by others who are also loitering. Seriously..."
To which another acquaintance responded (partly my contribution):
"Excellent advice on the wine and cheese. The only thing I would add is to bring a bag from the SAQ (Societe des Alcools du Quebec; Quebec's liquor commission) and a bag from one of those small-cheese-selling-pastry-shoppes: that way, once you get positioned in the good loitering spots, you can nab the products in the bag and act like you're an employee doing a recall of expired goods."
Sharing is for people who are afraid to use their elbows in line.

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