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Monday, November 27, 2006

Private Health Clinics - What's the big deal

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Recently a private emergency room, I mean "urgent care center" opened in Vancouver at the Fraser Health Clinic. The facility offers many services that one can receive at a public hospital for free for a price.

Let me think.

a) Nobody is forced to use the private health center, everyone can use the public system for free.
b) The system will relieve pressure off of the public system. It's like getting a new hospital of capacity at no cost to taxpayers.

And yet, the TURKEYS in Ottawa and almost everywhere oppose our "two tier" health care system.

What is the BIG DEAL?

It's lowering waiting times in the public system. That's a good thing. People can still get the health care.

Canada needs to get a clue on health care. The Canada Health Act is a massive step backwards for Canada and needs to be scrapped ASAP.


At 11:34 p.m., Canadian Politico Anonymous Alberta Report said:

Prove this facility does not co locate or utilize any assistance, resources or funds from the taxpayers?

Nothing wrong with two-tier healthcare if the upper tier, who can clearly afford to pay their way - do so without my money.


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