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Sunday, February 11, 2007

China to Emit 470 Million More Tonnes of Greenhouse Gases: How Bloggers Can Fight Back

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Gay and Right has an interesting scoop from the Financial Post. While I disagree with his conclusions (see the comments), Ottawa's gay right-wing blogger cites some interesting material from the Post:

China's going to emit 470 million more tonnes of greenhouse gases next year. It's the sort of thing that really disgusts you and gets you frustrated with corporate Canada and the rest of the corporate West for helping them out. Like Bombardier for example. So what can bloggers do?

As longtime readers likely know, this blog is #1 on Google for some select keywords. The most important factor to rank on Google is the number, quality, and text of links pointing to your site. For example, the Bombardier link above will help increase that site's ranking for the search "Bombardier". Bloggers can link to that page above and to others (preferably with the sole word "Bombardier").

The result will be that people looking up Bombardier on Google (and also on Yahoo and MSN) will see negative press for these companies. Hopefully this negative PR will discourage companies from doing business in China, or at least from taking on such clearly problematic projects.

If anyone has other environmental concerns that can be affected with similar linking projects, I wouldn't mind keeping a list and linking to them here. Just post in the comments.

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