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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

New Vote For This Post System

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A new vote for this post system has been implemented to allow you, dear readers, to vote for this post and thus help boost it up the rankings at Progressive Bloggers. It's a democratic way of picking what news and editorial items gain prominence.

Voting makes a post move higher on the PB website, making it popular and getting more people to read the post. So if you think it's worth recommending to others, click the "vote for this post" link in the upper right corner of this post.

The idea is the same as at, except without the terrible privacy issues that exist with Digg.

Another way to help make posts popular is to bookmark them on and to share your bookmarks with other users. Boomarking in has the same effect as voting for a post, namely to move it to the upper front page of the website where it will get more exposure and more peolpe will read it.

Thankyou to all of you who vote and/or bookmark any of the posts here on Centrerion Canadian Politics.

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