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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Harper Asserts Sovereignty in Canadian North

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According to the Conservatives, Stephen Harper has launched an operation to assert our sovereignty in the North.

“The North is poised to take a much bigger role in Canada’s economic and social development,” the Prime Minister said. “We must ensure the unique ecosystem of the North, and the unique cultural traditions of the First Peoples of the North, are respected and protected.”

Translation: We expect to be mining there and/or exploiting other natural resources. So we're making sure the Greenlanders and the Dutch (of which Greenland is/was a colony) don't get any ideas that these are their resources. Furthermore, we expect the First Nations are with us on this one.

Question: Is this really such an important issue? Developing/destroying the Arctic more than it already is? Wasting our troops' energy on some ifs and maybes?

This is useless posturing, where I'm concerned. Harper is an intelligent man who knows what he's doing on foreign affairs, but I see no particular use for this.

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