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Friday, June 02, 2006

Will it be mommy or daddy's credit card you want to charge your donation to

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Thats just what a parody site of Joe Volpe's acceptance of child donations asked but was shut down by the CIRA for no apparent reason upon request of Volpe.

Thats correct, google cache of the site here was shutdown by the CIRA for no apparent reason. Is Canada starting to censor the internet and freedom of speech? Because of a Liberal (the party that brought us the charter) leadership candidate no less?

This censorship is disgusting: parody works are protected by the charter and Volpe isn't a trademark in any way shape or form. It's time for the CIRA to apologize and grow up.

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At 10:23 p.m., Canadian Politico Anonymous Anonymous said:

June 2, 2006
How can a website be shut down?

Ottawa, June 2, 2006 – The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) issued a statement today in which it clarifies erroneous information referencing its part in shutting down

Recent events related through the media indicated that Liberal MP Joe Volpe's staff had requested CIRA suspend

Bernard Turcotte, CIRA's President and CEO states "We have no record of any contact between CIRA and Mr. Volpe or his staff. Furthermore, CIRA does not deal with website content. This is and continues to be a guiding principle underlying our operations."

He added that no CIRA staff undertook any actions with respect to but rather that the Registrar for the domain name requested, via CIRA's automated systems, that the domain name be cancelled, as is allowed under the rules. The registrar advised CIRA that it made this request because its registrant would not provide valid Canadian contact information.

Under CIRA's registrar rules, the registrar had to act once it confirmed it could not obtain valid Canadian contact information from the registrant.

This is in no way an exceptional case, CIRA and CIRA Certified Registrars cancel domain name registrations on a regular basis for these exact reasons.

More information about CIRA policies can be found at

CIRA is the not-for-profit corporation mandated to operate the dot-ca top-level domain for all Canadians. It is responsible for setting policy and managing the 690,000 plus dot-ca domain name database as well as registering domain names through its network of Certified Registrars. More information about CIRA is available at

At 2:35 p.m., Canadian Politico Blogger Ilya said:

I really doubt there was any juvenile misconduct of the type by the CIRA since they're very smart (many of the board members have respectable backgrounds in internet law and computer science and would be well aware of concepts like net neutrality). However, as the below investigation by Digital Home shows, there appears to have been some politically-motivated misconduct on the part of the registrar for the site.

If this turns out to be the case, this would be one of the only such instances in the history of the internet (a famous instance being the Kazhakstan government shutting down, the website of a comedian ridiculing Kazhakstan)

Digital Home is following the story closely, as are Slashdot readers (

Digital Home investigation:

Youth for Volpe website creator denies CIRA statement
Friday, 02 June 2006
Earlier today Digital Home Canada was informed that the registrar of the website had CIRA suspend the website domain because the website creator would not provide valid Canadian contact information.

Digital Home Canada contacted the creator of the website who says that interpretation is false.

In several emails to Digital Home, the website creator claims the registrar, Canadian Domain Name Services took down the website without any warning.

When the website creator discovered the site had been removed, an email was sent to the registrar asking why the actions were taken. The registrar advised the site creator that it had violated Article 3.1 Paragraph (h) (i) and (ii) of CIRA Policies which allow CIRA to suspend a domain name. The rules say CIRA may suspend a domain if the site is directly or indirectly, defaming or contributing to the defamation of any other Person or unlawfully discriminating or contributing to the unlawful discrimination of any other Person.

The rationale provided by the registrar contradicts the rationale put forth in a statement released earlier today by CIRA which stated "The registrar advised CIRA that it made this request because its registrant would not provide valid Canadian contact information."

The website creator asserts that he was never asked by Canadian Domain Name Services to provide valid Canadian contact information and that the site was shutdown unilaterally.

Digital Home has attempted to contact Canadian Domain Name Services and CIRA to verify what we have been told but have received no response.

We will update this story as we learn more.

At 6:11 p.m., Canadian Politico Blogger Toronto Tory said:

Volpe's a clown.

Even Liberals aren't dense enough to choose that guy to be their leader. He'll be off on the first ballot, if he makes it that far, and Canada will be better off for not having him.

At 10:24 p.m., Canadian Politico Blogger lecentre said:

So the site was censored on a technicality. Maybe Volpe's people contacted the registrar and not CIRA.

It's rather doubtful, to me personally at any rate, that they just happened to take an interest in this particular website.

Is there a standard procedure, some time after a site is published, where the registrar/CIRA checks these things out?

I get the feeling someone found a little-known rule and realized it would be better for Public Relations to nail the website on that, rather than some official complaint that comes across like Volpe can't take a joke.


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