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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Elizabeth May: Canadian Green Party Leader!

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Elizabeth May has won the Green Party's leadership, beating out other Green leadership candidates David Chernushenko and Jim Fannon. May's campaign was better run, and I'm entirely unsurprised she won.

I asked all three candidates for an interview. May and Chernushenko responded and each agreed to be interviewed. May answered my questions and emailed me her replies. I saw Fannon at the Montreal leadership debate, where he told me he had a number of these requests and felt I asked too many questions, so that he wouldn't have time to answer them all. I sent another email selecting which questions would be key for him to answer... and still got nothing.

Furthermore, throughout the campaign, it was evident May is/was the media's darling. In part, this is because she knows what to give them, and has in fact written a book on activism in which she discusses getting the media's attention. Anyways, the importance of this, in my opinion, was to generate awareness and interest in May's campaign, and generally to get positive attention.

(On a related note, I've recently purchased said book by Elizabeth May. As a political activist, I find myself very excited by the prospects of what I can do with the knowledge I gain from this book...)

So reading today that May beat Chernushenko hasn't got me surprised in the least. Congratulations to Elizabeth May!

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